Emission N°85 : 99% Métal.

Krav Boca + Sirèné & ÍroasOffbeat
author and punishercenturion
sorcererthe burden is us
Rigorous Institutiondespotism
Humant Blodkonservativ logn
rendez vousdistance
lambrini girlslads lads lads
Oi Polloiboris johnson fuck you
WarfuckPansemental + Ignolve
rotten mindpointless love
restraining orderwhat will you do
Wunderbachparis londres
Breakoutnothing in sight
Ape UnitSplit w/ Horse Bastard
ConvulsionsCrear y créer
harmony and the harmonettesdiminue un peu la drogue
les wampaselle est ou ma loge ?
Scrapsvirtual void
Serial Pissersno fear
AntigamaUnclear Conversions
M:40Dödens bleka häst
insanity alertshredator
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Emission (19)84 : plutôt death metol que Cali.

Enforcedaggressive menace
Caustic Christno love
Pig Sweatdon’t panic
IlliteratesWeather Capital
UfomammutLet me drown
Rancidtomorrow never comes
Cemented MindsFlowers for handcuffs
Hininrêve adolescent (the undertones cover)
She Past Awaydurdu dunya
Res TurnerAntispéciste
Recedant Somniathe whispers in my head
Mars red skyout at large
Soul GloJump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!)((by the future))
MurgeThe Silent Truth
Gauzedistort japan
Hazemazein the light of the light for the dark
Fangeà la racine
So CloseStérile Watcher
Yarostanjouer dans les ruines
bad breedinghuman capital
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Emission N°83 : casserole against fascism

CerbereSale Chien
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigsbig rig
Ancient Emblemeve(n)
LothIn Battle ther is no love
der we einher freiheirtMorgen
Unsanitary Napkinterf war
Bordgerkult krusher
Pest ControlMasquerade Party
collectif astereotypieAucun mec ne ressemble à Brad pitt dans la drome
mspaintthink it through
Rogernomixgrotty politics
The Tacksfantasy
friskunderneath the mask
CarcinusPublic Execution
grave pleasuresheart like a slaughterhouse
Turbonegroeverybody loves a chubby dude
Vlaarbons à rien
Ocasodigging my grave
Sick of it all
Sulfuric CauteryMouth and lungs stiffed with fiberglass
The Arson ProjectGod Bless
Litovskthere ain’t no answer
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Emission 82 : D-beat social, tu perds ton sang froid.

Bolchoihier aujourd’hui et demain
ObituaryMy will to live
Hiatusend is near
Verpestslaughter omen
HellacoptersI’m watching you
Zabriskie pointla grève
primitive man + full of hellrubble home
pogomartoje n’irai pas travailler
les cadavres7h23
SaccageAvarice du gras
ScalpJesus is god
ScalpEndless relapse
Velvet vegaeve(n)
didier superles gens qui bossent
heyokala bourse ou la vie
KommandChimera Soldiers
Granslandetreligions of war
rené binamérevolte
Justin(e)la chanson du lait
Endorphins lostRegulation Aera bombing
Endorphins lostHooverville
sea of shitDormancy
poesie zeroblack bloc dans le club
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Emission N° (syndrome) 81 : On lâche rien, on lâche rien.

LazerkaatHeavy Planet
Utopiemauvais sort
ResinZOMBI (feat Swann, Sodoma Gomora & Mersinary)
ShitgrinderHorrendous Grief + Skinned
Venomous Concepttimeline
Terminal filtha voice from beyond arcanum
The ivan drago’s3eme mi temps
VidroStockholm ekar
Health (ft backwash & h09909)Gnostic flesh – mortal hell
Tour sombresouvenir
Go public !too old to die
Daturabloody shores
Jam BaxterCherry red paint job
Sonic PoisonReeking Earth + No Time
Monastra new beginning
Still/formpigs end
judy and the jerkscandytroll
Nagasakikriget utan nad
Nak’aydeprivation siege + gilded
teen mortgagesuch is life
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Emission N°80 : c’est noël, 3 semaines après.

Bad religionWhite christmas
IffernetFor the Destitute
Wolfbrigadeanti tanks dogs
The specialsgangsters
Motorheadwe are the road crew
Civilian ThrowerDevious Benevolence
ProudhonFar Beyond
RhapsodyDawn of victory
Burning headsI’m not a robot
Lazarathfallin down
-16-Dead Eyes
pisstestPry + Combat Boot
Psychrophorebad number
Auxiliofuck monsanto
As a new revoltkanuni
Lugosithe naked king part 1
Exhorbitant Prices Must DiminishOut of it All
Limp bizkitturn it up bitch
Collapsedlost tribes
Bastard Royaltydrone wars
helms aleepleasure center
TrucidoFell off + Preyed Upon
Fuck it i quitmemento mori
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Emission N°79 : pas de repos pour le grand capital

Prisonnier du tempsComme un lion en cage
high vischose to lose
La Casa Fantomcursed
Brotchen den todesyou haunt me
Mass ExtinctionNever ending Holocaust
ShrapKnelAaron Mckie
Nostromoship of fools
Congreedcomfortably uncomfortable
Electrozombiesvita in morte
CruzEones de Sangre
ÓsserpCavalcant l’Ossa Menor
Les Sheriffgrand bombardement tardif
Mantarpain is forever
Odonata (minimal chords)oriental memories
GRUMOIl sacrificio del pedone
GUMMOA Fresh Breath On The Neck
Coffin tortureukhsen uul
civicnew vietnam
noisy neighborspattern of abuse
Nevrose Fluogrand core malade
Abyectajusticia personal
lower slaughtergas
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Emission N°78 : 1 disque, deux ambiances

Cloud Rat12-22-09
Famille d’accueilkrzyk
MorrowRejoice this Quiet Earth
Glyphosate youthDans le feu
Apteravoice of thunder
Eat my fearnot just a house
TorcheIn pieces
Dead KennedysHalloween
Carpenter brutLipstick Masquerade
Syndrome 81dans les rue de Brest
Left for deaddon’t wanna be like you
Fumataorgullo y egoismo
Ken modeA Love Letter
Hello Bastardswe,the plague
Boom Boom Kidsomos la plaga
Gospelcongratulations, you’ve hit bottom !
Martola buteille d’eau
Yleiset SyytNostalgiakooma
Grief circlecursed
Genocidal TerrorZombie Death Squad
Exit EnslavedSanity For Sale
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Emission N°77 : 1 2 3 D-Beat

BarrageNuit comme nuit
Wine lipsGet your money
Skelethalemerging from the ethereal threshold
Exit orderseed of hysteria
Out Coldsick little game
SkulldSatanic Feminism
NachtschwarzBurning Fury
Old man gloomto carry the flame
birds in rowwater wings
Ratos de Poraonecropolitica
Necropoliticacicatrice en la tierra
EntrøpiaA big rope
OFF !war above los angeles
bad nervesdon’t stop
RAMBOdefy extinction
Long Knifescum
Eu’s arseNon ho paura
MassgravBränn Östermalm + Ebba braun thor she wolf of the sd
FrayleBright eyes
IgorrrMusette maximum
Kalashnikov Collectivecielo soppa neo tokyo
Fake DustDelete + another day collapse
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Emission N°76 : Rire & D-beat

Parabellumla bombe et moi
Cold Bratscrybaby
Paktmedia is shit
Organ DealerChemical Reaction
Les perfusésecilope
Strong as tenIntro we come we thrash we go
Poison Ideavietnamese baby (new york dolls cover)
Axe Rashbuy your way out
Writhing ShadowsValkyrie of Blood
SvartulvenFeast for the Black Earth
screaming femalesblack moon
End itl’appel du vide
No Means Noit’ catching up
Deaf Chonkythe babysitter
Russian criclesbetrayal
11 ParanoïasVitrified Galaxy
Odio Socialestado permanente de guerra
Inferno Personalenothing will change
ExhumedN.M.F.O. (Nazi Metallers Fuck Off)
human effluenceviscid living sewage
Juntao tempo nao para
Absolut Orderchaos
Pizza DeathMozzarella Massacre
Italia 90Magdalene
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