Emission N°93 : Disiz la peste, D-beat depuis 2003.

SkulldThe three faced goddess
McluskyUnpopular parts of a pig
Cave sexsurvival/affliction
Brigitte Bopjamais de droite
Dariawater and sand
Short Daysi love nothing/I hate you
Chain Whipcall of the knife
Put PuranaPezzo di corpo
Enemic interiorAls angels
No Fuckerthey call it peace
OathbreakerThe abyss look into me
Municipal WasteTango & thrash
Dead Huntdead hunt
Ultimate Disasternever ending slaughter
Barren BombBug out bag
The sleevensMetallica Font
High Vistrauma bonds
Under 45painter of pain
Mr. bisonThe Child Of The Night Sky
TurnstileFly again
Krokodilalways the same
Pozogagone to the dogs
States of natureWicked world
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