Emission N°64 : They have an army, we have a Cham.

Woodwork days of wrath
bib Freedom
Frog Lord Ecocide
Töxik Death Undead Vengeance
Turbonegro I Got a Knife

Raging Speedhorn Born to Twist the Knife
Poesie zero A petit coup de couteau
Hiraki Wonderhunt
Sick Sinus Syndrome Carcass Dismemberment
Arrogänt fuck off now !
Days of desolation rift inducer
Full of Hell & Merzbow Shattered Knife
Gridlink Stake Knife
Windhand diablerie
Louis lingg and the bombs Freaky deaky
Intoxicated Walled
Entrails Massacre Stick Your Tasteless Gossip Up Your Ass
Pisscharge V. Mut
Stratch Hunter
Napalm Death Twist the Knife (Slowly)
Year of the Knife Final Tears
Big business let them grind
The bronx super bloom
Negative Bias Speedcore Summer + catch em
Shit life Grind the weak
Toxic Waste Tug of war
Pneu A Coup De Couteau Denté
Hellknife The End
Fall for rising test a lion
Mary Bell Rapists behind the scene
Sanctioned Injustice
Hateful Three Thrash for satan
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