Emission N°59 : Putain CINQ ANS !

AcxDc-  All I want for christmas is you
Aesop Rock-  Crystal Sword
Clipping-  Say the name
999-  Stranger

The Buzzcocks-  ever fallen in love

Rats on rafts-  A trail of wind and fire
Yutja-  processed
Shitfucker – Serial Killer
Bambara -Heat lightning
Mass//Reaction-  the nature of power
Plague Thirteen – haunt them
Grid – Insatiable + starving for purpose
Sulk-  Existential Dread Machine
Bleakness-  A world to rebuild
Tuskar-  Beneath
Ohyda-  wladza
Deszcz-  inflorescence
Oily Boys – Headstone
Life – Endure everyday
Ona snop – Come over and fuck off
Feastem-  Spreading darkness + Mouth of others
Parabellum – la bande
O.T.H – parce que ça nous plait
Jello biafra and the GSOM – The last big gulp
Lié – Digging in the desert
Sobersucks – procrastinator
Hatilh -Pour l’exemple
Chubby and the gang – All along the uxbridge road
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