Émission N°57 : 24/09/20

Thou – Aneurysm
Gulch – Cries of pleasures, heveanly pain
Bain de sang – no guillotine no king
Wunderbach – raya
Les collabos – SAMU
Had – Et Dyrisk ondt onske mod…

D-Sagawa – Hell Awaits
Muscu – Agree to disagree
noiss – punch in my face
Garapal – illusory truth effect
Failure – dead heart
Boneless – #revolution
Viagra Boys – Sentinel Island
Current affairs – Cheap cuts
Princesse thailand – First time
Proscription – Conduit
C.H.E.W. – Toxoplasmosis
Dischange – casualties of greed
Excrement of war – caveat emptor
Resin tomb – surfacing
Raw addict – human schwagg
Weedeous Mincer – Yes For Modern Antifa Pornogrind
Gouge away – Wave of Mutilation
Husker du – don’t want to know if you are lonely
Barba stridente – His carlos is gone
Bongthrowers – Rust
Knocked Loose – In the walls


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