Emission N°56 : 27/08/2020

Toys dolls – the final countdown (europe)
Richard cheese – People = shit
Moro moro land – Something in the way
Nashgul – Estado de Bienestar (Denak)
Disturbance – Project Son Complices (Denak)

RAS – Una vida malgastada (Denak)
strong as ten – superior (dropdead)
strong as ten – listen (big boys)
Hola ghost – Django
Mariachi el bronx – Dirty leaves
Beherit – War Command (Blasphemy cover)
Reverend Bizarre – The gate of nana (Beherit Cover)
12 XU – le temps qui passe (la fraction)
Makach – Silence (1981)
Richard durn – schema retreci (coche bomba)
Aborted – Concubine
Napalm Death – Troops of doom
Meth drinkers – Shining
The Ain’t rights – Nazi punks fuck off
Axidance – winter (amebix)
Hermetic delight – The funeral party
Yacopsae – boys don’t cry (the cure)
Massgrav – Vi gillar hårda killar (Limp Wrist-cover)
Power Trip – When Things Go Wrong (Outburst)
Motorhead – Wiplash
Vision of war – i love drink and roll (joan jett cover ,orignial de The arrows)
Agathocles – animal boy (ramones)
rageous intent – Last act of Man (Excruciating Terror cover)
Machetazo – The day man lost (Carnage cover)
Parabellum – Bang Bang
Germ attack – heart of glass (blondie)
Chiens – Bobby Dee In The Hour Of Chaos
ANF – Crush Kill Destroy(SPAZZ)
Disfear – no survivors
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