Emission N°55 : 23/07/20, spéciale Racisme et violences policières

DEAD kennedys police trucks
Doom police bastard
Tupac Trapped
Accion Mutante Who the fuck you think you are
Les vieilles salopes La nuit avec vous

Diego Pallavas Drôle de couvre chef
Le Crabe Police Milice
Krav Boca feat al nasser carte postale
Pekatralatak flic,porc, assassin
Sepultura Policia
Chaos UK Victimized
Cop on Fire Police State
Suicidal tendencies Fascist pig
Gasmask terror l’ordre et ses chiens
Clipping Chapter 319
Berurier noir porcherie
Rancid Turn in your badge
The filaments Bastard coppers
Poison Idea Cop an attitude
Sunami Contempt of cop
Boom 4,5 billions years of evolution, 250 years of domination
Black panda Anti cop
Whoresnation Matraque ! Matraque !
Organes frits man feat the veganaiz orchestra eat fries,burn cops
Black Flag Police Story
anti flag police story
Skalpel feat don korto je viens de la
Burning heads Police in helicopters
Paragraf 119 assassini
MK-Ultra good cop bad cop
Agent attitude Police control
Attack of the mad axeman Police Horse


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