Hors série Confinement Mori – Anto, METOL et chevelure

ARCHAGATHUS – When people get sick

FEASTEM – sick

HANK Wood and the hammerheads – tomorrow

INCULTER – impending doom

NIGHTWATCHERS – fellah’s temptation

KATASTROF – falska leenden

ONA Snop – don’t tell me what to do

SLAYER – in a gadda da vida

MEAN Jeans – nite vision

TOXIC Holocaust – time’s edge

ZONE Infinie – degats

MEMORIAM – requiem for mankind

LARMA – konkurrens är livet

DRIP Of lies – weak

DEATH – open casket

INSTINCT Of survival – negative drinking attitude

OUST – boring dystopia

ARCHAGATHUS – it’s the police

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