Hors série Confinement Mori : Pibe, grand chef dodos à bottes.

Dodoslist :

Harter Attack – Human Hell
Physique – The Rythm of Brutality
Endorphins Lost – Shell
Impalers – Nazi Burning Man
Internal Rot – Aporia
Faceless Burial – Seeping Aberrational Fissures
Exhumed – Slaughter Maniac
Godflesh – Wound (Not Wound)
Condor – Chacun Pour Soi
Fange – À Tombeaux Ouverts
Fluids – Shot
Mass Grave – RMCPIG
Brainbombs – Trust
Randy – The Beast
Larrair – Pass Me That
Haggus – I Can’t Live Without Speed
Satan – Toutes Ces Horreurs
Sofiane – Longue Vie

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