Emission N°51 : 23/01/20

Playlist :

Swordwielder – nuclear winter
Lightning bolt – blow to the head
amyland the snifffers – Got you
Rainbow Grave – Year Zero
Kial – realidad

Wartorn – aftermath of the severed world
Otoboke Beaver – don’t light my fire
le turc mecanique – Fribourg
Lost Without Grenade – War Never Changes
Chaos UK – no security
Crisis – holocaust
One burning Match – DIY or die
Jodie Faster – still not loving the police
Travolta – No crew
No One Knows What The Dead Think – Stars Hide Your Fires
Libtrigger – Masters ov Chaos
Saturna – get over it
Double Nelson – love boat
culebra – como yo
Mestre – and tony scored the goal
Deletar – à la dérive
Simbios -e refugiados
Clippin -g Blood of the Fang
Livid – Charade
psychic graveyard – loud as laughter


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