Emission N°49 : 14/11/19

Playlist :

syberia – Empire of oppression
Judiciary – Pure Fury
Candy – Lust for Destruction
Naatlo Sutila – fix it+hell
Bombardement – silent shadow

grusterror – Global messe noire
Skulld – red moon
Xibalba – Enemigo
Amygdala – Our Bodies, Our choice
Dim Jerk – Set black car no aircar
Pandemix – downward trend
Decultivat -e Laskavost
GAMESDØGLÄR – I don’t know how to do
The HIRS Collective – What Is Love Without Purpose
Soul Glo – t31
Fatal Brutal – antisocial
Thrashley – Magic Monster
Better off dead – Rouler encore
Camera Silens – espoirs décus+réalité
Portrayal of Guilt – A Burden
Show me the Body – Madonna Rocket
Irradiates – too weird to live, too rare to die
Blitz – new age + criminal damage
Knocked Loose – Last Words
Transient – Big Man Plick
Hässig – vokÜ


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