Emission N°44 : 13/06/19 Spéciale ANF

Playlist :

My Man Mike – Slow and low
My Man Mike – hear too much, see too much, say too much
Verbal razors – No escape
Ed warner – Freitod
Deathbell – they still wander

La Marmite – la roue des hamsters
Pisscharge – bolsonazi
Whoresnation – Who’s To Blame What’s To Blame
Whoresnation – Oozing Media
Whoresnation – La moustache
Insanity Alert – Saturday grind fever
The Apers – Mozarella no more
Bakounine – in the darkest hours
OxRxB – trashida dati
Putrefiance – Morbid Face of Desolation
Le Crabe – Petit Lapin
Mon dragon – 343 salopes
Octopoulpe – Bald pride
Cult Leader
WILLXSMIC – Kings of Comedy
People Talk – NLF
No Waves – feet on the brim of my board
Philip Pentacle – crystal vision
Suffering Quota – God Complex
Suffering Quota – Cognitive Dissonance
born against – resist control
Deletar – toujours à terre
Coure – Eliseum Unregister
Jessica 93 – The Mustach Bar
Zabriskie point – Au revoir et merci



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