Emission N°43 : 16/05/19

Van Hammer – Stone Prisoner
Darkthrone – The hardship of the scots
horse bastard – catastrophic sobriety
Probot – Silent Spring (Feat. Kurt Brecht)
No Milk – accident

Clowns – I shaved my legs for you
Aligrindtor – Fuck Porn Grind
michel platinium – pro ana fuck off
sick of stupidity – putrefaction in progress
venomous concept – dropdead
The Dead Walk ! – Mosh Of The Undead
crippled fox – trash yourself
The attendants – L’état et ses manières
Heavy Heart – Clever Lies
Noisem – Putrid Decadence
20 min de chaos – you’re right
Baroness – throw me an anchor
Maréchal – Armaguidon
Lvcifyre – The Greater Curse
reyerta – yo soy puta
usa la tua rabbia – separatistas
Bandit – 4 morceaux
nailbomb – wasting away
Ghost – Rats
gewoon fucking raggen – more hardcore
Space Bong – Death Star
freaknation – hemos perdido
Active Slaughter – sadistic scientist
Birdflesh – Night of the ultimate mosh
Decibelles – Banquette arrière



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