Emission N°36 : 01/11/2018 Spéciale Libération Animale

Cattle Decapitation – Pacific Grim
Les fossoyeurs septik – ALF
Prince ringard – le chien du punk à chien
Igorrr – houmous

Propagandhi -Nailing Descartes To The Wal
Gride – Klub Pratel Vivisekce
Dropdead – Unjustified Murder
Battle of disarm – for animals + anti-vivisection
Sepultura – Convicted in life
Gojira- Silvera
Red Insect – Bojkot
Punch – Feminists don’t have a cow
The smiths -meat is murder
Los fastidodos- animal liberation
xRepentancex – Through Eyes Unclouded
Contravene – inhuman cage
Killjoy – liberation
Doomsisters – Animal liberation
rise against – Ready to fall
Momentum – Speciesism
Axidance – Haze
Nina hagen+lene lovich – don’t kill the animals
Conflict – this is ALF


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