Émission N°30 : 05/04/2018 spéciale Whoresnation

Spéciale Whoresnation, avec Pibe le chanteur pignouf et Lopin, pignouf en chef.

Playlist :

Whoresnation – Mephitic
Butron – Medallas De La Vergüenza
Death brigade – requieta bomba
Bleakness – Frozen Refuge
Vivisick – Cyber god belief
The Men’s Toilet – Omnivoracious Atrocities
Halitosis – Acidic concoction pouring on my brain
Slugdge – Putrid Fairytale
Whoresnation – Pilon
Whoresnation – Gueules cassées
Sin dios – 1936
Bottom – Feeder
TAG Crew – Story of violence
Necrophagia – Reincarnation
Charles Bronson
Youth Avoider – Between Disparate Lines
Wlochaty – Modja Utopia
Six brew Bantha – Submit
Limp Wrist – They tell me
Solstafir – Rismal
Ed warner
Whoresnation – In the limbs of evil
Whoresnation – Apoplexy
Nightfall – No Surrender
Blue Holocaust – Dancesteps on the Edge of a Razor…
Extorsion – Realidad manipulada


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